Hi, my name's Julie.

& I love to capture the essence of your life's most beautiful moments.

My goal is to encapsulate every little detail from the scrunched up noses & belly laughs, to those intimate pecks on the cheek. I want to illustrate your spirit in a still photograph to look back on and be able to cherish these memories for years to come.  My favorite sessions involve capturing that butterflies in your stomach, head over heels, heart skips a beat, can't get enough of each other kind of love.

Whether you're a parent looking for a family session downtown, a babe looking to empower herself through a boudoir session, or a newly engaged couple planning their dream day of a wedding professing your undying love from the top of a mountain, to an elopement on the Amalfi coast, let's chat! 

Looking for adventure

A little bit more about me, the photographer, the artist, the caffeine addicted.

& always chasing the sunset

Before I found my way into photography, I grew up painting. Serendipity art classes taught me my love of color & the impressionistic style of my favorite painters. 

Ever since I was a little girl with my Barbie Polaroid camera, I was always taking photos; of the flowers in my mom's garden or of our family dog. My mother has always had a knack for being crafty and creative, while my father turned his film camera around and took a snap of himself cheesing wide before "selfies" were a thing! 

My memory is not the greatest without photographs, but any time I look at a photo I have taken, I am instantly transported back right into that moment. I can remember the entire day as vividly in my mind as it was happening in that moment and I cherish these mementos.

still wanna know more?

and you can never have enough coffee

I love my Starbucks, especially pumpkin spice. If that makes me basic, I don't want to be anything other than the most basic girl you know.

I would eat breakfast pancakes and waffles all day long and finish off with cake for dessert if that was sustainable! But I am also a fitness fanatic and know that that's just not the way to live. When not prancing around in a field with my camera, you can find me at the gym...also most likely with a camera! I run my own YouTube channel where I share fitness related content, military significant other advice, and love taking my followers along the journey of my life through vlogs!

Ice cream is my

love language

what about education?

I received my Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Photography from Pratt Institute in 2015

Honing my skills in creating plaster sculptures, life drawing models, and obsessing over astronomy. I gained so much knowledge from these years, from learning how to develop my own film and the experience of printing color photos in a darkroom is a practically unheard of experience in this day and age. Being exposed to the artistic environment every day and being surrounded by so many other passionate creatives really helped me explore my style as an artist. And for the record, I pretty much qualified for a minor in Painting if that was something that was an option at Pratt! I was the only non-major spending 6 hours a week in the painting studios while simultaneously preparing for my senior thesis exhibition in Photography.

What about love?

after four years of taking the railroad and subway into


"how long have you two been together?"
"uhm... forever?"

On my down time you can find me binge watching Netflix with my husband, or hiking through the woods with our two rescue dogs. We met when he was a senior and he adopted me as his freshman, to show me the ropes of high school life. I always thought it sounded kinda silly, but now I'm proud that we found each other so young and have grown together through adulthood. Crazy to think at this point, I have known him for over half of my life! 

Our journey together has taken us all over the country and I cannot wait to explore the world with him by my side.

did you mention puppers?

Why yes, I married my

high school sweetheart

They both found us within the first year of living in North Carolina

Archie was a starving little puppy wearing a tiny pink harness, and Penny was a "big ol' pittie" a stranger decided to warn us about. Now these two are part of our little family.
I grew up with animals and always encourage bringing them along to your family or couples sessions! Or imagine the world's cutest flower pup or ring dog?! Warning, I might be more in love with your pets than you are.

Now tell me about yourself!

these are our rescues

Archer & Penelope

Everywhere from the suburbs to the sea

with every heartbeat in between.

Born & raised in the cultural melting pot of the world also known as New York City, I've always had a love for travel.  I followed my high school sweetheart and his career to Fayetteville, North Carolina; and the 9 hour road trips up and down the coast have prepared me well for all lengths of journey. I will travel worldwide for magical moments, love, and a great cup of coffee!
My love for capturing love has taken me all over the world, from flying out for a luscious green Hawaiian backyard wedding, to falling off of Charlie, my giant unicorn floatie off the coast of Seven Mile Beach in Negril, Jamaica to photograph a 25 year vow renewal. I've even flown all the way to Norway for a beautiful marriage that sprouted from years of long distance love found via online gaming.  I am filled with an absolutely insatiable wanderlust. Where is your story taking me next?

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Romanticizing the quiet

The way light leaks in through the windows and illuminates your skin.

moments, spaces & places

How your lip curls up a little more on one side when you laugh.  That look your partner gives you when he's cracked a joke.  All of these little details are my favorite.

Another tap

Be your boldest selves

& live in warm and moody color.

I see the world in rose colored glasses, with vivid color jumping out at me. Rich jewel tones and deep bold hues, this is why fall is my favorite season with the foliage on fire in bright oranges, rich reds and warm yellows. There is even beauty in the cold cast of snow.  My goal is to make the palette of the images I take reflect the warmth of the moments I am capturing.

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